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Your busy lifestyle relies on convenient access to physical therapists in Whiting, NJ, who will help you reach your recovery goals.

So, if you’re dealing with an injury that’s preventing you from participating in your favorite activities, it’s time to choose the individualized care and one-on-one treatment of the state-licensed Doctors of Physical Therapy at Trinity Rehab.

Thanks to our movement impairment specialists and customized treatment plans, you’ll heal your injury and restore your mobility, so that you can keep up with your schedule. Ready to begin your recovery? All you have to do is choose any of our physical therapy centers across New Jersey.

Personalized Treatments and Advanced Techniques

Before you begin your recovery from an injury or start managing your chronic condition, it’s essential to locate a physical therapy center that’s equipped with physical therapists who are dedicated to your needs.

Luckily, we provide each patient with a treatment program that’s customized to address your specific injury and relieve pain.

During your first visit to our physical therapy facilities, we’ll get more familiar with you by asking you a few questions about your injury, the severity of your pain, and your medical history. With this approach, we can create an effective recovery plan that’s tailored to your body.

On top of that, our physical therapists can diagnose an unidentified condition by performing biomechanical exams. By doing so, they’ll be able to understand more about your pain and determine the source of your injury.

To honor our commitment to individualized care and one-on-one treatment, we provide you with your own, personal physical therapist who will remain with you throughout your treatment. That way, you always know who to consult if you have questions about your recovery.

Technologies for Injury Recovery and Prevention

After your physical therapist has walked you through your treatment plan, you’re ready to start healing your injury. To enhance your body’s ability to recovery, we provide you with advanced physical therapy treatments and techniques that are designed to enhance your mobility and functionality.

For example, the Alter-G® Anti-Gravity Treadmill® helps you get used to regular physical activity by supporting your body with unweighted technology. Once your physical therapist has assisted you into the anti-gravity chamber, they’ll select the appropriate body weight at which you’ll run or walk. With this technology, you’ll avoid aggravating your injury while practicing normal gait patterns.

Instead of opting for the lengthy recovery of invasive surgery, why not try a non-invasive treatment option like our EPAT (Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Treatment) therapy? This technique helps to expedite the healing process for faster pain relief and tissue healing, so that you can start feeling better as quickly as possible.

Visit Our Physical Therapy Center Today!

At Trinity Rehab, we believe that our state-licensed Doctors of Physical Therapy and our unwavering dedication to your health are the main components in helping patients in Whiting, NJ, make a full recovery.

By opting for our customized treatment programs and our commitment to your quality of life, you’ll build up the strength and mobility required for your lifestyle.

So, instead of letting your injury or condition hold you back, schedule your free screening, make your first appointment, or contact us today!