Instructional Videos
Instructional Videos

How to Pack your car for a Trip without injuring your Back

This week’s technique of the week is to help you avoid lower back, neck and shoulder pain while you are packing for your weekend get-a-way or road trip. We will show you techniques to use when putting luggage on the roof of your SUV, in the back of a hatchback and trunk of a car. 

*To protect your car from scratches, place a towel or moving blanket in between your car and the luggage.

**Disclaimer: The content of this video is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition nor be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Reduce Neck and Back Pain While Driving

This week’s technique is the Rear-view Mirror Trick which helps you stay in a good posture while driving. A relaxed driving posture may cause neck pain, headache and numbness or tingling in your arms.

Try out the Rear-view Mirror Trick on your next ride to work or road trip and let us know how it helped!

The Safe Way to Lift a Heavy Object and Avoid Lower Back Pain

In this “Technique of the Week”, we will show you the correct way to pick up something heavy like a case of water, moving box or bag of groceries.

Picking something up with improper body mechanics is a quick and easy way to injure or throw out your back.

*Always test the weight of the object you wish to pick up first to make sure that the object is not too heavy to pick up on your own.

How to lift a light object without throwing out your back

You may think that you can only throw your back out by lifting something heavy, however that is not the case. You can actually throw your back out by lifting something small and light. In this video, we will show you 3 techniques you can use when lifting a light object to avoid pain in your lower back.

A Simple Stretch to Reduce Upper Back Pain

The Thoracic Extension Towel Stretch is good for people who have upper back pain, neck pain and headaches. It is also a good stretch to help with your posture.

Equipment needed: Towel

Double Knees to Chest Stretch for Lower Back Pain

The Double Knees to Chest Stretch is good for people with Stenosis. Stenosis is characterized as lower back or leg pain that gets worse with standing or walking and gets better with sitting or leaning over a shopping cart.

Get In and Out of Bed Without Neck and Lower Back Pain

Learn how to properly get in and out of bed without putting stress and strain on your lower back and neck. Getting in and out of bed incorrectly can result in lower back and neck pain.