Physical Therapy in Somers Point, NJ

Physical Therapy in Somers Point, NJ

At Trinity Rehab, we know everyone’s journey to recovery is unique. Whether you're facing a recent injury, a chronic condition, or seeking to enhance your physical well-being, our team of dedicated, licensed physical therapists is here to guide you.

Rooted in the heart of the Garden State, our practice is dedicated to empowering you to reclaim the activities that bring you joy and fulfillment. We invite you to schedule a consultationPhysical Therapy in Somers Point, NJ with one of our physical therapists in Somers Point, New Jersey. Let us partner with you to unlock your full potential and rediscover a life of movement and vitality.

What to Expect on Your First Day of Physical Therapy

Prior to your first appointment with Trinity Rehab, it’s normal to have questionsPhysical Therapy in Somers Point, NJ. We want you to feel comfortable and confident with each visit, whether you’re new to physical therapy or if you’re a returning patient. During your first appointment, you can set the tone for physical therapy that works for you.

Do I Need A Referral?

No! New Jersey’s Direct Access Physical Therapy legislation means you don’t need a doctor’s referral to begin treatment with Trinity Rehab. You can contact our Somers Point office to schedule an appointment for physical therapy whenever you need us. Get back on the road to recovery without any delay.

What Should I Wear?

Typically, we recommend our physical therapy patients wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing. Things like gym shorts and/or pants, t-shirts or tank tops, and any flexible clothing with sneakers. Wearing these sorts of clothes will help you feel more relaxed and comfortable throughout your recovery journey.

Will I Receive A Treatment Plan?

Your physical therapist will create a personalized treatment plan based on your goals, health, and ability level. We’ll review the treatment plan with you so you know what to expect. This treatment plan will guide each visit and we can adjust by monitoring your body’s needs throughout the treatment. Plus, we’ll consult with you throughout your recovery to see what’s working—and what may not be working.

To learn more about your first physical therapy appointment, we invite you to read our comprehensive e-bookPhysical Therapy in Somers Point, NJ.

What Does Trinity Rehab Treat?

To get you back to the things you love, Trinity Rehab is proud to provide treatment for a wide range of injuries and conditions. This includes common problems like back pain, knee injuries, plantar fasciitis, and fibromyalgia, alongside others like golfer’s elbowPhysical Therapy in Somers Point, NJ, sciatica, and an assortment of work-related injuries.

Through and through, we treat what’s bothering you. Because every condition and injury is unique, our physical therapists are well-versed in caring for patients of all ages, walks of life, and fitness levels. From improving balance to getting you back to your favorite sport, we employ our customized treatment plan for every facet of your recovery process.

Begin the Road to Recovery in Somers Point

New Jersey is our home, and it’s yours, too. You can rely on us for your physical therapy needs in Somers Point, NJ, so you can spend your days taking in the views that make Atlantic County such an unforgettable place to live.

Our physical therapists strive to make you feel heard, appreciated, and understood. If you’re ready to get back to things you love doing, Trinity Rehab is here to help you achieve the livelihood you deserve. Contact usPhysical Therapy in Somers Point, NJ to schedule an appointment today.