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Dale Ambrogio, PT, DPT

Tags: | Published on: October 12, 2021

Dale received her Masters of Science degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Miami.  While in Miami, she had the unique opportunity to work with paralympic athletes as well as perform research on triathletes.  After practicing for 10 years, Dale returned to school and received her DPT from Boston University.  Having the opportunity to work in many different settings has helped Dale to learn all phases of rehabilitation and the importance of each phase in the healing process. She has extensive education in spinal dysfunctions and has also completed the McKenzie, Mulligan, and Duffy-Rath series.  Dale has a passion for Ergonomics and has developed and implemented multiple Ergonomics training programs.  Additionally, Dale has a strong interest in Kinesiotape and often incorporates the technique in her treatment with great success. Dale is also a firm believer that therapy can be effective and fun, and that patient education is the cornerstone to successful rehabilitation.  She believes that communication between a patient and therapist is the key to helping each patient meet their goals.

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