August Regional Patient Spotlight!

August Regional Patient Spotlight!

North Region: Mary Testori

Piscataway resident Mary Testori came to Trinity Rehab in Warren to rehab her dislocated shoulder. A retired tax collector who loves to listen to jazz and go hiking, Mary was unable to exercise at the YMCA and lacked the range of motion she had pre-injury.

“I think the most challenging part of my physical therapy was being introduced to new exercises I had never seen or done before,” said Mary. “I had difficulty remembering how many times to do specific reps, but Dr. Mazzone encouraged me to go to the next step on my terms, and I did it,” she added.

Mary, whose physical therapy program was six weeks, was extremely committed to her rehab and showed great determination. “I think the most rewarding thing for me was how I felt on my last day of treatment, “shared Mary. “The EPAT really worked for me and I can now move my shoulder easier and without pain. When I return to the YMCA I won’t be afraid to use a heavier weight bell anymore.”

The Trinity Rehab team in Warren is very proud of Mary, inspired by her recovery and happy that her shoulder is no longer taxing this retired tax collector!


Central Region: Bill Prisco

For Cranford resident Bill Prisco, an injury to the back of his knee took him away from the game he loves. A very active tennis player and coach who plays tennis 3-4 times per week, Bill couldn’t wait to get back on the tennis court.

In treatment for 7 weeks, Bill had the benefit of working with Heather Domingues, Clinical Director at the Trinity Rehab Clark clinic. “Heather was very thorough in her approach,” said Bill. “Every day she changed my exercises because they were specifically designed to how my knee was feeling that day. I’ve gone to several other rehab facilities and no one ever took that approach before.”

In addition to his manual therapy and exercises, Bill reaped the benefits of the EPAT machine, which uses acoustic pressure waves to stimulate the metabolism, enhance blood flow circulation and accelerate the healing process.

“I am back to doing what I love,” added Bill. “The bottom line is I’d recommend Trinity Rehab to anyone.”

The Trinity Rehab team in Clark wishes Bill a lot of love…sets and matches!


South Region: Mike Schutz

Ocean resident and IT Manager Mike Schutz is an avid golfer, so when sciatica sidelined him from the game he loves, he knew he had to do something to return to the game he loves. Ironically, it was golf that caused his sciatica and back pain and brought him to the Trinity Rehab Manalapan clinic.

“It was hard to go to therapy 3 times a week after work, but once I started feeling better, I became committed to my therapy,” said Mike. “Even when I was tired, and my back wasn’t at its best it became important for me to attend. I needed to find some relief because my sciatica was totally debilitating.”

Mike attended physical therapy for 6 weeks and started to see and feel results. “My physical therapist, Silvia Meawad, was fantastic,” Mike shared. “She listened to me, gave me the necessary exercises to help me and, thanks to her, I feel 100% better with no pain! The entire staff was great and made me feel comfortable and at home, even through the COVID issue. I cannot say enough good things about them.”

The Trinity Rehab Manalapan staff wishes Mike continued health and 18 holes-in-one on his next rounds on the greens.


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