Foot and Ankle Injury Overview

Foot and Ankle Injury Overview


Your feet and ankles are essential to helping you fly along the racetrack, walk your kids to school, or quickly press the brakes of your vehicle. When you start feeling some sharp pains or don’t have full mobility, your life can easily become chaotic.

Thankfully, the knowledgeable physical therapists at Trinity Rehab keep you on pace for a full recovery by providing patients with a customized foot and ankle physical therapy plan.

With our expertise and assistance, you’ll be supplied with the treatments, machinery, and tools you need to begin healing properly.

Speed Recovery for Full Functionality

Now that you’re ready to get back on your feet, it’s important to choose a facility that doesn’t see you as a number. Instead of providing you with a cookie cutter rehabilitation plan that won’t address your injury or condition, our skilled therapists thoroughly review your pain points and medical history.

From there, we’ll craft a customized treatment strategy with your needs in mind. That way, your foot or ankle pain won’t stop you from tackling your busy day, errands, or your next big game.

When consulting our professionals on your needs, you’ll be able to provide them with information about the experiences you’ve had when walking or running. By doing so, our therapists will get a better idea of the types of treatments that will be most beneficial to you. Some of the most common issues we’ve assisted with in the past include:

  • Plantar fascitis
  • Shin splints
  • Foot and ankles stress fractures
  • Heel bursitis
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Sprains of the foot and ankle
  • Heel spurs

Foot and ankle injuries can easily affect the stability and functionality of other parts of your body, such as your back, legs, and hips, it’s important to make sure that you gently stretch and care for your condition. Luckily, our facility offers up plenty of cutting-edge technologies that are housed at each of our locations.

Innovative Foot & Ankle Therapy

No matter what type of injury you’re dealing with, the worst thing you can do is ignore persistent pain.

At our physical therapy center, you’ll find all the industry’s most advanced equipment to treat your injury so that your body gets reacquainted with regular activity. That way, you won’t shock your system once you head down the trails on your first run after you’ve completed rehab.

For example, the state-of-the-art AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill® is available at each of our facilities and allows your body to gradually get used to walking and running by using differential air pressure.

Once you’re situated onto this machine, the unweighting technology lifts your body and helps you practice normal gait patterns. Thanks to the AlterG®, you’ll build some extra muscle and prepare for your return to the field.

On top of cutting-edge equipment, we also present plenty of manual therapies and other non-invasive treatments that allow you to squeeze in a session during a busy day. With options like EPAT (Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology), your body will begin to heal quickly without the recovery time of surgery.

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At Trinity Rehab, we’re committed to helping you make a comeback so that you can enjoy an active lifestyle. If you start feeling some pain, don’t hesitate to choose a Foot and Ankle Physical Therapy plan that’s tailored to your body.

Learn more about the other services and equipment offered at our facility by scheduling your free screening, requesting your first appointment, or contacting us today!Foot and Ankle Injury Overview