Gymnastics & Cheerleading Physical Therapy Rehabilitation

Gymnastics & Cheerleading Physical Therapy Rehabilitation

Whether you’re cheering on the football team at that homecoming game or performing complicated gymnastic moves across the floor, you always want to be sure that your body stays in ideal shape.

Thankfully, the team of board-certified professionals at Trinity Rehab are ready to help you stick the landing with our unique approach to injury rehabilitation for athletes near Marlton, Whiting, and Somerset.

Let’s take a look at some of the programs and treatment methods we use to get you back to twisting and tumbling across your gym near Howell, Hamilton, and Somerville.

Physical Therapy for Gymnasts & Cheerleaders

Any gymnast or cheerleader knows that twirling through the air involves a lot more skill than most people assume. Every move you make on the mat requires precise execution and lots of strength to maintain that picture-perfect form and score a 10.0 from the judges.

So, when you begin feeling a suspicious pang of pain while vaulting through the air or flipping across the beam, make sure that you address your concerns right away. Luckily, that’s where our team of physical therapists comes into play.

By carefully reviewing your injury or condition during your first consultation, our doctors of physical therapy will craft a customized treatment plan that effectively heals your body and fortifies the muscles needed to keep you in top-notch cheer condition.

Some of the most common gymnastics and cheerleading injuries we’ve treated include:

  • Ankle Sprains
  • Knee or Low Back Pain
  • Achilles Tendon Tears
  • Finger and Hand Injuries
  • ACL Tears
  • Sports Fractures
  • And more

Cutting-Edge Technology for a Full Recovery

When life throws an injury your way, it’s important to address it with industry-leading physical therapy techniques, especially if you’re involved in high-impact sports, like gymnastics and cheerleading.

That’s why our state-of-the-art physical therapy facilities across New Jersey come equipped with a long list of modalities that can help to shorten the path between you and the recovery finish line.

For example, our Kinesio Taping® treatments provide your muscles and bones with extra stability while you perform a flawless backward handspring or balance at the top of your cheerleading pyramid.

On top of that, our physical therapy centers offer up a collection of cutting-edge therapies that gradually mend your injury without irritating other parts of your body, like our Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Therapy (EPAT).

By soothing strained muscles with pressure waves, you’ll experience immediate pain relief and boost your body’s healing process. Along with the instantaneous results of EPAT treatments, it requires no down time, so you won’t be forced to sit on the sidelines while your team practices their signature routine.

Looking for a way to avoid the lengthy recovery of surgery? Well, if so, physical therapy is a great option for gymnasts and cheerleaders who are preparing for an upcoming competition or event.

Instead, you’ll target the source of your pain and get your body back into fighting shape, without being forced to opt for invasive operations.

Additionally, by choosing a complete, personalized physical therapy plan, you’ll learn more about other areas of your body that could be affecting your overall performance. Once you’re aware of those trouble spots, your therapist will supply you with strength-building and flexibility-enhancing exercises, so that you move like a champion.

Choose Your Physical Therapy Solution Today!

At Trinity Rehab, we believe that nothing should hold you back from reaching all your gymnastics and cheerleading milestones near Marlton, Whiting, and Somerset.

And by opting for our compassionate physical therapists and innovative injury treatments, you’ll return to the gym and dazzle audiences at competitions near Howell, Hamilton, and Somerville in no time.

Why let your injury keep you on the sidelines at your next performance? All you have to do is schedule your free screening, reserve your first appointment, or contact us today!


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