July Spotlight Patients!

July Spotlight Patients!


Morristown resident Marcella Wright-Nelson came to the Trinity Rehab Morristown clinic to rehab from a fractured right ankle and meniscus injury in her left knee. Marcella, who according to Morristown Clinic Director Elain Libby has a magnetic personality that is contagious, wouldn’t let her injury keep her down.

“I have been here for about three weeks,” said Marcella, “and I have already seen improvement in such a short period of time.”  “I wasn’t expecting to see results so quickly!”

Her physical therapy program presented some challenges, according to Marcella. “My biggest challenge in physical therapy has been keeping up with all my exercise activities.” It’s tiring but rewarding,” added Marcella. “This is my fourth physical therapy location I've attended and the most rewarding because of the professionalism shown by
my therapist, Elain Libby, who is extremely knowledgeable and encouraging.”

The staff at Trinity Rehab in Morristown has been inspired by Marcella’s determination and knows she will be back at full strength soon.



Wayne resident Carolyn Hughes came to Trinity Rehab in Wayne with a bad case of bursitis in her knee. Carolyn has suffered from bursitis for many years and has been to several physical therapy clinics before finding Trinity Rehab and is glad she did.

“After five weeks I have seen improvements in my mental attitude and physical abilities,” said Carolyn. “I have also learned a lot of exercises I can do at home that will help me with my daily routine.” Carolyn had some fears about going to another physical therapy clinic since no one has been able to relieve her pain. “It was very challenging for me to have continued pain even after physical therapy. I have been through a lot, but my physical therapist Kristina Bilanova, designed a program specifically for me and has really assisted In my recovery. She is very knowledgeable and has given me the confidence, mentally and physically, to overcome my injury. She really wants you to succeed.

Carolyn, who is retired and loves morning walks with her dog, has worked hard toward her recovery, and the entire staff at Trinity Rehab in Wayne knows she will soon be able to walk her dog without pain and return to hiking, one of Carolyn’s favorite hobbies.


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