Top Physical Therapy Apps for Patients

Top Physical Therapy Apps for Patients

These days, it’s essential to have everything we need on our phones, which includes convenient applications that make our lives easier. So, if you’re currently recovering from an injury or want some information on how to prevent one, your smartphone can provide you with the exercises you need to feel better and heal your body.

Fortunately, the state-licensed Doctors of Physical Therapy at Trinity Rehab are here to help patients near Marlton, Whiting, Somerset, and Howell learn more about the top physical therapy apps for your recovery.

By pairing these handy applications with the customized treatment plan created by our physical therapists, you’ll have the necessary resources to recover from your injury in no time.


Devices: iPhone® and Android

How it Works: This app offers up exercises that can speed up your recovery all categorized by different areas of the body, including neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, back, hip, and knee workouts.

All you have to do is choose the body part that you’d like to stretch, and this app will guide you through the steps of each exercise, to ensure that you’re performing every movement properly.

Plus, you can even set reminders to complete your workouts, so that you won’t miss a single day of physical therapy.

MedBridge GO for Patients

Devices: iPhone® and Android

How it Works: While you’re recovering from an injury, it’s helpful to be kept in touch with your physical therapist from your favorite device. Luckily, MedBridge GO for Patients provides you with personalized workouts and looped demonstrations that lead you through each exercise.

In addition, this convenient platform allows you to get in touch with your physical therapist, ask questions, and get feedback on your current pain levels. From there, your physical therapist can adjust your exercises as needed before you visit us for your next appointment at one of our locations throughout New Jersey.

PT Timer: Stretch & Exercise

Devices: iPhone® and iPad

How it Works: By allowing your physical therapist to share exercises with you via email, Facebook, Twitter, or text code, PT Timer keeps you connected with at-home workouts that will assist you in reaching your recovery goals.

Once you click on this app, you’ll see red badges on the exercises that your physical therapist has indicated for you to complete. Then, this device will track your time, count your repetitions, and monitor your overall progress.

That way, both you and your physical therapist can see how well you’re doing with your treatment program. On top of that, you’ll be provided with verbal cues during each exercise, so that you can focus on how you’re performing each movement, rather than checking your phone for instructions.

PT Pal Pro

Devices: iPhone® and Android

How it Works: As one of the first integrated care delivery systems designed for use by any physical therapy center and patient, PT Pal Pro equips you with activities, tasks, surveys, and instructions from your physical therapist to your smartphone.

For example, your physical therapist can help you boost your recovery by sending you instructions through this application.

No matter if you’re looking to improve your strength or flexibility after an injury, your physical therapist can send the workouts needed for better mobility right to your phone. With the touch of a button, you’ll be on your way to a full recovery.

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At Trinity Rehab, we believe that every patient near Marlton, Whiting, Somerset, and Howell should have easy access to the necessary exercises and applications to recover from your injury and get your mobility back.

So, if you’re ready to return to the active lifestyle you love most and heal your body, get the right therapy by visiting any of our facilities throughout New Jersey. To get started, simply schedule your free screening, make your first appointment, or contact us today!


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