Trinity Rehab Supports Berkeley Pride Day!

Trinity Rehab Supports Berkeley Pride Day!

At Trinity Rehab, our physical therapists like to stay close to the community by participating in events near Marlton, Whiting, Somerset, and Howell that celebrate the town’s history. That’s why the physical therapists from our Whiting location will be participating in Berkeley Pride Day on September 8 at 10:00 AM at Veteran's Park in Bayville.

At this annual celebration for the residents of Berkeley Township, you and your family can enjoy some music, games, and rides, and you’ll even be able to speak to our state-licensed Doctors of Physical Therapy. That way, you’ll enjoy every moment of this event and get more familiar with how we can help you stay healthy and mobile.

Berkeley Pride Day: Your Guide to Events & Entertainment

Once the annual Berkeley Community Pride Day begins, start off by helping your kids work off some of their endless energy by checking out the inflatables and rides.

And, while you’re keeping an eye on your little ones, you’re free to roam around Veteran’s Park and visit the local vendors, non-profits, and community groups attending this exciting event.

In addition to the other thrills of Berkeley Pride Day, our physical therapists will gladly provide you with a free screening, a postural assessment, or just talk to you about your mobility. That way, every member of your community can address their injuries or conditions with the assistance of a highly educated physical therapist and an individualized recovery plan.

Of course, you can’t forget to wrap up your day with some catchy music. Luckily, the Symphonics will be performing a variety of tunes, from the 1940s to today, at 5:30 PM.

Next, Eaglemania, an Eagles tribute band, promises to “wow” crowds with their ability to match the sound of this beloved band note for note. Finally, all the festivities will finish up with a fireworks display, so make sure to bring a blanket to sit on while these spectacles light up the sky.

Our Physical Therapy Outreach

When it comes to your health, it’s important that you know exactly where to go after you’ve experienced an injury or if you’re noticing a new pain.

Fortunately, our physical therapists strive to provide you with the treatment options needed to help you heal and get back to the active lifestyle you love most, like attending Berkeley Pride Day.

During this community festival, the physical therapists from our Whiting location will be providing attendees with free screenings and postural assessments. Thanks to their expertise, you’ll stay in pace with your health, prevent injuries, and heal your body, so that you can continue to attend this celebration for years to come.

On top of your free screening, you’re welcome to try your luck with games provided by our physical therapists. If you win, you’ll receive a free trial on our Alter-G® Anti-Gravity Treadmill and/or Trinity swag prizes. With these rewards, you’ll be able to get started on your recovery and learn more about our treatment options.

Once you visit one of our physical therapy facilities across New Jersey, our physical therapists can diagnose and perform biomechanical exams that can identify the cause of your pain. Then, our Doctors of Physical Therapy will design a customized treatment plan that addresses your injury and gets you on the road to recovery.

Schedule Your Physical Therapy Appointment Today!

After you experience an injury or notice a new pain, it’s essential that you’re supported by a team of state-licensed Doctors of Physical Therapy who care about the well-being and recovery of patients near Marlton, Whiting, Somerset, and Howell.

And, by visiting any of the Trinity Rehab physical therapy centers across New Jersey, you’ll return to your favorite activities and attend your community’s events with more mobility and less pain.

To learn more about how our physical therapists can assist you, all you have to do is schedule your free screening, make your first appointment, or contact us today!


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