A Yogi’s Guide to Physical Therapy

A Yogi’s Guide to Physical Therapy

It’s no secret that yoga has made a splash with fitness gurus, wellness experts, and professional athletes near Marlton, Whiting, Howell, and Somerset.

And, if you just so happen to be recovering from an injury or dealing with a condition, you’re probably wondering if this ancient practice could help you reach the rehabilitation finish line more quickly.

Well, luckily for you, the long list of benefits provided by yoga includes its ability to bolster your body’s healing process by teaming up with your customized physical therapy treatment plan at Trinity Rehab.

Let’s take a look at some of the easiest methods to incorporating this wholesome solution into your daily routine!

1.)Downward Dog

Let’s face it: You’ve got lots to do during your day, so why would you let lower back pain prevent you from staying in pace with your active lifestyle?

Well, by improving your mobility with yoga moves like the Downward Dog, you’ll alleviate your back discomfort quickly and easily. All you need is an exercise mat!

To get started, position yourself on all fours, with your wrists placed directly under your shoulders, and your legs aligned with your hips. In addition, make sure that your fingers are pointed straight at the top of your mat. That way, you’ll have the grip you need to stay balanced.

Next, take a slow, deep breath to prepare for your pose and spread your fingers further apart to distribute your body weight.

Then, tuck your toes under and lift your knees off the floor, pressing backward through your hips. Once you’ve assumed the correct position, your body will form a triangular shape.

While you’re doing this, press through your hands to effectively stretch the muscles in your lower back and legs. If you can, alternate pedaling your feet to intensify the stretch. Hold this pose for thirty seconds to one minute.

2.)Tree Pose

No matter if you’re a marathoner or a busy professional, you always want to keep your body limber and loose with plenty of stretching. That’s why this Tree Pose is ideal for anyone who experiences tightness in their inner thigh muscles.

Start off by standing straight and tall with your feet slightly apart. After you’ve steadied yourself, lift your left foot off the ground and place it on the inside of your right calf.

When you feel comfortable, slowly slide your foot up the opposite leg as high as you can. Finally, place your palms together and raise your arms above your head.

If you want some extra balance, feel free to use the back of a chair for stability while you get your foot into the right position before raising your arms above you.

3.)Cobra Pose

For our final yoga exercise, you’ll be relieving pain in your upper back and arms with the soothing Cobra Pose. First, lie on your stomach on top of your mat with your palms placed on the ground just below your shoulders.

From here, push up through your arms, arching your back while keeping your legs still. To perform this movement correctly, check your arms and wrists to make sure that you aren’t supporting your body’s weight in these areas. Aim to hold yourself up by engaging your back and core muscles.

Maintain this position for fifteen to thirty seconds before gradually lowering your upper body down to the ground, and you’re finished!

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