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About Us

About Trinity Rehab

Mission Statement

To deliver the highest quality healthcare service in the most sincere and respectful way while capturing the personal and human element of each visit.

About Trinity Rehab

Taking healing to the next level with innovative physical and occupational therapy.

Our team of experienced professionals delivers specialized care for a wide variety of diagnoses that include spinal care management, joint and soft tissue injuries, and chronic conditions, such as arthritis and lymphedema. They work in close collaboration with referring physicians to create a plan of care that is customized for each patient. As a result, Trinity Rehab has achieved exceptional outcomes for our patients, including those who have undergone other treatments without success.

At Trinity Rehab we take your health seriously. Our proven formula of skill, experience, and the most advanced technology results in a highly customized treatment program designed just for you. To help you reach your fullest potential as quickly as possible, we ask you join us in our Pledge of Excellence. This pledge ensures that you and your therapist are fully and equally committed to promptly getting you back to the activities you want or need to do.

As A Patient Of Trinity Rehab, We Pledge To Give You:

  • An in-depth examination to pinpoint the root cause of your problem
  • A precise, closely monitored treatment plan to address your specific needs
  • Highly experienced therapists who will listen to you

As A Patient Of Trinity Rehab, You Pledge To:

  • Attend ALL SESSIONS for the entire duration of your plan of care
  • Make up any missed appointments within the same week
  • Comply with your home exercise program as prescribed by your therapist
  • Maintain an open, honest line of communication with your therapist and rehab team
Pledge of

The Power of Personalized Care

At Trinity Rehab, our treatments are based on the true partnership that develops between the patient and therapist. We go beyond the scope of your specific injury and take your goals into account. Whether it is returning to work, getting back on the court, or dancing at your child’s wedding, we will be there every step of the way to provide you the commitment and compassion needed to achieve a fast recovery, and leave you stronger than you were before.

Office Locations

Trinity Rehab has multiple convenient locations throughout New Jersey. Visit our Locations Page to find the nearest New Jersey location.