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How do I choose a physical therapy clinic?

Tags: | Published on: May 7, 2012

These are some things you may consider when seeking a physical therapy clinic:

-The therapist should be licensed in the state.
-The first visit should include a thorough medical history and physical examination before any treatment is rendered.
-The patient goals should be discussed in detail during the first visit.
-Care should include a variety of techniques which might include hands-on techniques, soft tissue work, therapeutic exercises and in some cases heat, cold, electrical stimulation or ultrasound.
-Do they have a service that can address your problem?
-Do they take your insurance or are they willing to work with you if they are not a preferred provider?
-They should be conveniently located. Since sitting and driving often aggravate orthopedic problems, there should be a very good reason for you to drive a long distance for rehabilitation.
-What are the hours of operation?
-Can they provide satisfaction survey results?
-The therapist should provide the treatment.
-Can you briefly interview the therapist before the first visit?
-Ask your family and friends who they would recommend.

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