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Prevent Falls at Home

Tags: , | Published on: March 21, 2016

The thought of a loved one falling at home when they are by themselves is scary. Here are some things that you can do to help make your home (and theirs) safer.

  • Check rooms, hallways, and stairs for tripping hazards. These can be objects like boxes, trash cans, toys from grandchildren and pets.
  • Pull up area rugs and runners or make sure that all floor rugs have non-skid bottoms.
  • Keep lights in stairwells. If light switches are difficult to find, consider switching to censored lights.
  • Check banisters on stairs to make sure they are sturdy and tight to the wall.
  • Install grab bars in bathrooms.
  • Consider switching out low toilets for higher ones.
  • Avoid walking around the house in socks or slippers… which are easy to “slip” in.

If falls are occurring often, it is important to check with a healthcare professional to find the root of the problem. Your doctor may have you get your vision tested, review your medication and/or recommend physical therapy and a regular exercise program.

Contact your local New Jersey Trinity Rehab for more information on Fall Prevention.