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Simple Stretch to Reduce Upper Back and Neck Pain

Tags: , , | Published on: August 25, 2016

Suffering with back stiffness, neck pain and headaches after a long day at work?

The Thoracic Extension Towel Stretch helps people with upper back stiffness, neck pain and headaches. This is a great stretch to combat poor posture after a long commute, sitting at a desk all day or even texting and using your phone.

The Thoracic Extension Towel Stretch can be done either lying down on the floor or on a bed.

Fold a towel in half or in thirds lengthwise, then roll it into a tight cylinder. You may use the smaller towel if you do this stretch on the floor. Due to the softness of the mattress, you’ll likely need a larger towel if you perform this stretch on a bed.

  1. To lie down from a sitting posture, lean to your right side and use your right arm to ease down to the bed or floor.
  2. Place the rolled towel under your upper back, just below your shoulder blades. If you experience low back discomfort you can keep your knees bent.
  3. Clasp your hands together and extend them straight out over your head. Hold 3-5 minutes. You can increase the time by 2 minute intervals as you become comfortable with the stretch.

** If you feel numbness or tingling in your arms or fatigue or pain in your shoulders, lower your arms and shake them out. Once the feeling passes, you can go back into the stretch.


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